Current – President, Harvest Sensations

Founded in 2000, Harvest Sensations is a leading specialty-produce supplier to foodservice and retail operations across North America. The key to our success is simple, an unyielding commitment to deliver great produce and outstanding customer service.

Previous – Doug Ranno Produce ™: WWW.Dougrannoproduce.com 

Doug Ranno Produce™ is a company created to provide fast and efficient solutions to select customers, provide fresh produce industry speaking in select topic areas and offer business development expertise in select areas of the fresh produce industry.

MusicalHarvest GuitarLogo
Previous – Musical Harvest®: WWW.Musicalharvest.com
Music Harvest is a themed guitar making business. Known for creating fresh produce guitar designs and other unique guitars designed for select branding, fundraising and charitable events.

Previous – Doug Ranno Music™: WWW.Dougrannomusic.com
BMI Singer Songwriter who also performs occasionally as Doug Ranno and The Harvesting Crew™. In 2014 Doug Ranno and his band, The Harvesting Crew™, released their first studio album titled The Musical Harvester™. The album will be available on ITUNES and other digital stores beginning in November of 2014. Doug Ranno also works on select TV show and music video projects.

Industry Leader: Doug Ranno has served on many important industry boards and advisory groups, and has earned a seat at the table with leaders from California to Washington D.C. as he advocates for agricultural and community improvement issues. Mr. Ranno has enjoyed memberships on boards and/or affiliations with PMA, United Fresh, FPFC, Grower Shippers Association, Western Growers, BMI Music Publishing, Academy of Country Music’s charity “Lifting Lives” and Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.

Family & Community: Doug Ranno is well known and respected in the community as someone who cares and gives back while keeping family first and improving lives one sole at a time. Doug has been known to use his love and passion for music and guitars to raise funds for many a worthy cause, thus the nickname, THE MUSICAL HARVESTER!

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